In 2006 el Patrol was founded as a corporate entity with the objective to constitute a vehicle for a vast field of creative activities devoted to themes around the challenges of shaping the future of this earth. Founding members Tito Lee and Zoé Fa are collaborating with fellow artists, scientists and researchers in their determination to investigate human behavior during social, ecological and economic change.

The collective’s artistic practice is rooted in cinematography and video art, but their works often transcend the limitations of the medium to expand into installations, sculptures, paintings, texts, collages and other forms of expression. Central to their work is the exploration of psychosocial correlations between Zeitgeist and the individual. Documenting the transition of ages, their artistic language balances between realism and surrealism. In this synthesis lies the attempt to record both, the conscious and subconscious manifestations that are emblematic for a specific moment in history.

Besides their independent long-term projects, el Patrol is open to lend its creative force to institutions or companies who try to act in the best interest of humanity and the planet. For those who are seeking the “little extra”, the collective develops, designs and implements outstanding concepts for brand experiences in video, print, web or the real world.