FLUX Art Festival is an interdisciplinary event, combining the fields of art, ecology, science and music in one big happening. It targets at sustainable urbanistic development and will come to life in Florianópolis, southern Brazil. The festival centers around the work of international environmental artists - an artistic movement addressing ecological issues by operating at the interface between science, technology and nature. The innovatory power of art is used to fuel discussions and inspire solution-finding processes among creative thinkers, scientists, the industry and a broad audience.

The project started as an initiative of el Patrol. The idea originally emerged from a science fiction movie screenplay, before evolving into the concept for a festival. The movie plot was placed in an post apocalyptic setting, where global war had lead to the use of nuclear weapons and ultimately to the destruction of the northern hemisphere. The hero, a grown old and tired alien hunter, was sent by his brotherhood to resolve a strange case of extraterrestrial contact in Brazil. Coming from damaged and polluted Europe, he lands in Florianópolis, a futuristic place, which seems to be years ahead of time: While other nations had been spending on warfare, Brazil had turned into a highly developed, eco friendly society making sustainable use of the most advanced technologies.

The inspiration for the southern hemispheres positive futuristic setting, was drawn from el Patrol’s long lasting research and tracking of sustainable innovations. It reflected the desire of uniting already existing solutions in an overall vision and showing the manifold possibilities to a vast public. Instead of building the movie scenery in computer generated images, the idea of rather investing in the actual transformation of the city occurred. The concept for FLUX Art Festival was born. During one week a designated city will turn into a futuristic place with high standards in technology and ecology. Once the festival is established, el Patrol envisions to honor the original idea and produce the sci-fi movie as a unique marketing tool used to showcase the present artworks and prototypes.

The FLUX Art Festival is governed by the eponymous non-profit organization based in Switzerland. To learn more about the project, please visit: www.fluxartfestival.com


El Patrol designs a sustainable festival center and art space for the FLUX Art Festival:

FLUX Art Festival will grow, develop and transform over the years. But no matter the size: The festival will always need a place where people can come together, spark discussions and encourage engagement. The goal is to create an art space, which can host the festival’s offices as well as various exhibitions, seminars and events. The need for maximum flexibility is met by using shipping containers as building blocks for a temporary construction. This sustainable solution allows an adaptation to changing situations and the integration in existing structures and institutions. The festival’s customizable bureau and center is conceived to support city development and can be used for the revitalisation process of unused urban areas. Building it from recycled containers is not only cheaper and more flexible than conventional solutions - it also makes a statement about the passion for art and eco friendly avant-garde.